Electronic commerce has rewritten the rules of business. The Internet, global communications and the rapid growth in commercial and capital transactions online have revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers and each other.

Fraser Milner Casgrain is a Canadian business law powerhouse. We have approximately 500 experienced lawyers who understand intimately what business is all about, and can provide the advice you need to succeed – in eCommerce, technology and other business endeavors. Able to anticipate and respond to market changes, we’re focused on creating situations where everyone wins.

Today, almost every industry and business has an interest in some aspect of technology, whether their core business is grounded in or dependent on it. Fraser Milner Casgrain has a multidisciplinary Technology Group which includes virtually all aspects of eCommerce and technology law to serve our clients’ needs. As once-discrete industries such as entertainment, telecommunications and information technology continue to converge, the capabilities of this group will play an increasingly important role in helping today's business enterprises succeed.

Our group acts for both large and small developers, vendors and users of information technology. We advise clients in many businesses, including entertainment, telecommunications, medical devices, biotechnology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, health services, manufacturing, energy and banking on technology and eCommerce matters. Our experience at the forefront of eCommerce gives us a unique understanding of the business and legal issues emerging in this rapidly evolving field and helps our clients competitively exploit and profit from the eCommerce revolution.

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