Studio Legale Sutti (also known as SLS) was founded in 1952 by Dr. Angelo Sutti, Knight of the Italian Republic, and has focused its practice on company-commercial law, intellectual property & competition law, and on  labour and related matters.

In the eighties the Firm began an uninterrupted trend of growth which has made it today one of the largest independent Italian firms. During this period of growth the firm has retained its emphasis on human resources and teamwork, its commitment to excellence in contentious work and its loyalty to a substantial core of domestic clientele.  The firm has grown from its headquarters in Milan, and now has offices in London, Tokyo, Sophia, Bulgaria, and in Rome and Genoa as well.

The specialization of Studio Legale Sutti in IT and TLC law has developed from the interest and academic background of a number of the Firm's members in information technology, and from the efforts of our lawyers to stay on the technological cutting edge with regard to information and communication services. Studio Legale Sutti has been called "the Cyberlaw Firm" by the Italian press, and has found itself dealing with all aspects of eCommerce much before that word was invented.

The Firmís more traditional IT law services include: assistance with negotiating and drafting contracts in the area of custom software development, multimedia content authoring, and IS outsourcing; revision of standard terms and conditions, and shrink-wrap/click-wrap agreements, for software sale; advice on EDI, eCommerce and teleworking; litigation related to on-line contracts, patent and software copyright infringements, the legal protection of databases, and unfair competition in the IT sector; liability for hardware and software failure.

The Firmís attorneys are also extensively involved in legal matters relating to B2B and B2C eCommerce and the Internet in general, including compliance with the legal security requirements applicable to treatments of personal data and the certification of digital signatures in the EU, the EU consumer protection rules applicable to on-line sales, the prosecution of so-called "computer crimes", the legal protection of Internet-based business ideas, and incubator services for start ups in general.

The IT Law practice of Studio Legale Sutti also concentrates on hi-tech joint-ventures, IT cross-licensing, transfer of know-how in the IT and TLC sector, and Y2K and Euro-related issues., with the Firmís lawyers obtaining the first European Y2K judgment.

Finally, our patent attorney practice includes the drafting of  IT, TLC and multimedia patent applications and the registration of software with the Italian Copyright Agency (SIAE) for our IT, multimedia, networking, consumer electronics and high-tech clients.





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